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Anyone who loves learning accepts correction…

October 16, 2008

  Anyone who loves learning accepts correction,
       but a person who hates being corrected is stupid. 

  The Lord is pleased with a good person,
       but he will punish anyone who plans evil. 

  Doing evil brings no safety at all,
       but a good person has safety and security. 

  A good wife is like a crown for her husband,
       but a disgraceful wife is like a disease in his bones. 

  The plans that good people make are fair,
       but the advice of the wicked will trick you. 

  The wicked talk about killing people,
       but the words of good people will save them. 

  Wicked people die and they are no more,
       but a good person’s family continues.

 The wisdom of the wise wins praise,
       but there is no respect for the stupid. 

  A person who is not important but has a servant is better off
       than someone who acts important but has no food. 

 Good people take care of their animals,
       but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. 

  Those who work their land will have plenty of food,
       but the one who chases empty dreams is not wise. 

 The wicked want what other evil people have stolen,
       but good people want to give what they have to others. 

 Evil people are trapped by their evil talk,
       but good people stay out of trouble. 

 People will be rewarded for what they say,
       and they will also be rewarded for what they do. 

 Fools think they are doing right,
       but the wise listen to advice. 

 Fools quickly show that they are upset,
       but the wise ignore insults.

An honest witness tells the truth,
       but a dishonest witness tells lies. 

Careless words stab like a sword,
       but wise words bring healing. 

Truth will continue forever,
       but lies are only for a moment. 

 Those who plan evil are full of lies,
       but those who plan peace are happy. 

 No harm comes to a good person,
       but an evil person’s life is full of trouble.

The Lord hates those who tell lies
       but is pleased with those who keep their promises.

Wise people keep what they know to themselves,
       but fools can’t keep from showing how foolish they are.

Hard workers will become leaders,
       but those who are lazy will be slaves. 

 Worry is a heavy load,
       but a kind word cheers you up.

Good people take advice from their friends,
       but an evil person is easily led to do wrong.

The lazy catch no food to cook,
       but a hard worker will have great wealth.

Doing what is right is the way to life,
       but there is another way that leads to death


Proverbs 12 (New Century Version)

New Century Version (NCV)The Holy Bible, New Century Version®. Copyright © 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.



Wisdom calls

October 9, 2008


Proverbs 8

Listen to Wisdom

Wisdom calls to you like someone shouting;
       understanding raises her voice.
 On the hilltops along the road
       and at the crossroads, she stands calling.
Beside the city gates,
       at the entrances into the city, she calls out:
Listen, everyone, I’m calling out to you;
       I am shouting to all people.
You who are uneducated, seek wisdom.
       You who are foolish, get understanding.
Listen, because I have important things to say,
       and what I tell you is right.
 What I say is true,
       I refuse to speak evil.
 Everything I say is honest;
       nothing I say is crooked or false.
 People with good sense know what I say is true;
       and those with knowledge know my words are right.
 Choose my teachings instead of silver,
       and knowledge rather than the finest gold.
Wisdom is more precious than rubies.
       Nothing you could want is equal to it.

“I am wisdom, and I have good judgment.
       I also have knowledge and good sense.
 If you respect the Lord, you will also hate evil.
       I hate pride and bragging,
       evil ways and lies.
 I have good sense and advice,
       and I have understanding and power.
 I help kings to govern
       and rulers to make fair laws.
 Princes use me to lead,
       and so do all important people who judge fairly.
I love those who love me,
       and those who seek me find me.
 Riches and honor are mine to give.
       So are wealth and lasting success.
 What I give is better than the finest gold,
       better than the purest silver.
I do what is right
       and follow the path of justice.
I give wealth to those who love me,
       filling their houses with treasures.

 “I, wisdom, was with the Lord when he began his work,
       long before he made anything else.
  I was created in the very beginning,
       even before the world began.
  I was born before there were oceans,
       or springs overflowing with water,
  before the hills were there,
       before the mountains were put in place.
  God had not made the earth or fields,
       not even the first dust of the earth.
  I was there when God put the skies in place,
       when he stretched the horizon over the oceans,
  when he made the clouds above
       and put the deep underground springs in place.
  I was there when he ordered the sea
       not to go beyond the borders he had set.
  I was there when he laid the earth’s foundation.
  I was like a child by his side.
  I was delighted every day,
       enjoying his presence all the time,
  enjoying the whole world,
       and delighted with all its people.

  “Now, my children, listen to me,
       because those who follow my ways are happy.
  Listen to my teaching, and you will be wise;
       do not ignore it.
  Happy are those who listen to me,
       watching at my door every day,
       waiting at my open doorway.
  Those who find me find life,
       and the Lord will be pleased with them.
  Those who do not find me hurt themselves.
       Those who hate me love death.”

New Century Version (NCV)The Holy Bible, New Century Version®. Copyright © 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.