Don’t close your eyes and stop your ears…

March 24, 2009
Save those who are being led to their death; 
rescue those who are about to be killed. 
If you say, “We don’t know anything about this,” 
God, who knows what’s in your mind, will notice.
He is watching you, and he will know. 
He will reward each person for what he has done.
                                                                           King Solomon


  1. it’s a good thing to do, but nowdays people not just will ignore you but hated you even worst hitted you if you trying to help them. So, still you will help them?

  2. I have thought long and hard about your comment and here is my reply. It is better to do right anyway even if people get angry. if I know firsthand that someone is falsly accused I would speak up and tell what I know to be true I would have to do it because I would want someone to do that for me. Mercy comes back around you know. It would not matter what anyone thought or did to me. I would still have to help them because it is the right thing to do.

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